Thursday, March 16, 2006

Florida House tries to circumvent Supreme Court, institute vouchers

Thank you, Kansas

Sometimes, I think Texas is backwards in its attitudes. Then, Kansas makes us look reasonable. Thanks, Kansas.

Kansas has yet again made itself a laughingstock. I sometimes wonder if they're trying to look stupid. If so, they're doing a helluva job.

Parents will have to sign off before their students can take a sex ed course. It's about empowering parents, according to the author of the proposal. Why not empower them more? Why not have them sign off on everything taught at school?

The last sentence of the article puts it all in perspective:

In November, after a debate that attracted worldwide attention, the board adopted standards that treat evolution as a flawed theory.

I guess next they'll be teaching manifest destiny as gospel truth. Damn, I guess I shouldn't give 'em any ideas. They're capable of anything in Kansas.

Never ever

Yet ANOTHER reason why test scores should never -- ever -- be the single measurement of a person's worth, intelligence, or aptitude.

(Just in case you needed another reason.)
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