Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A majority nobody wants to be a part of

Is this a sign that government is doing more to help or that poverty is on the rise? Maybe both are true.

I'm not sure if he's my favorite Dem candidate for '08 yet or not, but John Edwards talks a lot about the problems poverty creates. One of those problems is poor educational performance. If people are serious about improving education for all children, they must also be serious about eradicating poverty.


Blogger Andrew Pass Educational Services, LLC said...

I completely agree. 40 years ago, Coleman identified socio-economic status as being the most important indicator of school success. Certainly schools must do many things well to promote achievement. But schools alone cannot ensure high quality learning.

Andrew Pass

3:55 PM  
Blogger Joe Thomas said...


I miss this writing. I miss the content. I miss the Brink.

7:07 AM  
Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

This is absolutely appalling. Don't talk to me about a strong economy when you've got this type of situation in America!

Edwards certainly has promise. Let's see if he can find a stage to grab some attention in this soundbite- and negativity-driven world...

3:32 PM  
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Blogger ExinRex said...

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Blogger EdWonk said...

Bring Back The Brink!

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For more on education, poverty and "The Common Good" check out www.americanprogress.org and watch the Center for American Progress on YouTube at


President Clinton's Common Good address at Georgetown University is available for viewing and CAP's education work and Poverty Task force information are online at www.americanprogress.org

What if we treated teachers like rock stars?
Contribute to the collective genius.

4:44 PM  
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Blogger independentvoter said...

Well Edwards has it right if he is targetting education. Somehow we have to do something for the working poor of this country. We do not want the wealth and socio-economic status of an individual to be dependent upon what neighborhood he or she grew up in school. I like centrist dems (Edwards and Biden) better than Hillary and Obama.

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3:37 PM  
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Anonymous Paul said...

We'll see what Edwards does..now that he's backed Obama he's surely gunning for a cabinet post (I don't think he'll be the VP candidate, too much baggage and an inability to carry southern states, much less his own), but perhaps he'd be a DOL candidate, or maybe the Dept. of Education. Will be interesting. Another interesting thing going on right now is Intel's International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), that's going on now in Atlanta. ISEF began in 1950 as a means of encouraging pre-college students to conduct scientific research, and there are a ton of really cool and innovative projects that students are presenting. Check it out!

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Kilroy said...

Not much has changed in Delaware since Brown vs The Board of Education 1954 and with the inception of ESEA aka NCLB particularly Title 1.

Delaware’s charter school experiment has produce some what of re-segregation in Delaware because certain charter school cherry pick students and have developed a process called counseling out. Student who don’t perform well on certain charter school placement tests are tactfully being told their chances of academic success aren’t good.
Charter School of Wilmington has an Asian student population of 26% with only 8.1% African-American. The schools poverty level is 2.7% and the only charter school in the state that has 0% special ed. Delaware only has 14 charter schools and the racial make up is way out of balance. The charter school with the highest poverty rate are predominately African-American , 99.2%, 89%, 90% and 80% and with poverty rates as high as 78%..

Delaware prohibits school board members of any given school district to sit on board of directors of any charter schools. However they do allow state legislators to sit on charter schools board of directors.

The call for educational reform is meant to address the achievement gap and it Delaware it is failing. Delaware seems to be heading backwards in achieving the goals of Brown Vs The Board of Education and the local NAACP seems to be AWOL! Most of the high poverty charter schools in Delaware are on Academic Watch and one was terminated this year.

As long as the state allocates teaching units based on student to teacher ratios without factoring in needs such as high poverty the vicious cycle will continue.

We went from the “White Flight” to private schools after desegregation to the “Bright Flight” with charter schools. Also, we have what’s called an “Asian A” dilemma. Many Asian parents in Delaware will not accept any grade lower than a 97% from their children. You can image a charter such as Charter School of Wilmington as school for math and science with 26% over-achieving Asian students how competitive they are for the 97% or better grade/.


2:31 PM  
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