Monday, April 03, 2006

Charter problems

An excellent NYT piece today does an excellent job examining some of the underlying problems with charter schools. They don't recommend what would seem to be an obvious solution: more rigorous standards for applicants. Once these schools open, it is very painful for students, teachers, families -- whole communities -- when they shut down. And all too often, they do shut down.


Blogger Jonas Chartock said...

Just wanted to both introduce myself and thank you for your commentary - I've enjoyed reading over the past few weeks. I am currently enrolled in the Cooperative Superintendency Program at UT-Austin while running a think-tank on public school choice policy. I hope you’ll make use of our website ( and the info we’ll be sharing on charter school policy – primarily looking at transparency of finances, growth in student achievement, and enrollment practices. Our first event, described on our website, will be April 19 at the Capitol. I hope you’ll be able to join us.

Per this particular post, I agree that we need to strengthen our authorizing processes such that only schools that show that they have their plan together get approved. It is awful to see what communities have to go through when their local schools are forced to shut down, but with the exception of making sure only good schools get started, I am not convinced that this can be avoided.

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