Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yet another bright idea!

Do they really imagine this will work? Oh yeah, these are the same people that thought they could privatize social security and democratize Iraq. Almost forgot. I guess it's not too much of a leap then for them to imagine they can solve the teenage drug problem through testing. Gosh, these people are just full of bright ideas!

W.House pushes more schools to drug-test students
19 Mar 2006 14:03:49 GMT

Source: Reuters

By Andy Sullivan

WASHINGTON, March 19 (Reuters) - Student athletes, musicians and others who participate in after school activities could increasingly be subject to random drug testing under a program promoted by the Bush administration.

White House officials say drug testing is an effective way to keep students away from harmful substances like marijuana and crystal methamphetamine, and have held seminars across the country to promote the practice to local school officials.

But some parents, educators and school officials call it a heavy-handed, ineffective way to discourage drug use that undermines trust and invades students' privacy.

"Our money should be going toward educating young people, not putting them under these surveillance programs," said Jennifer Kern, a research associate at the Drug Policy Alliance, a non-profit group that has frequently criticized U.S. drug policy.

Requiring students to produce a urine sample or hair sample for laboratory testing is a relatively recent tactic in the United States' decades-long "war on drugs," along with surveillance cameras and drug-sniffing dogs in school hallways.

For more, click here. Hat tip to Pink Dome, which also had this excellent post.


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