Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Chairman Weirdo

Apparently Texas House Public Education Chairman is against teaching about gays in schools but has no problem with placing drawing of nude men locked in an embrace on tables at a Republican Women's Club.

Is this a sign of desperation in his primary? Texas politicos are watching this race closely.

The chairman, Rep. Grusendorf, is a voucher supporter and consistently puts forward anti-teacher, anti-public education bills. His opponent, an education professor and former school board member, is pro-public education and is backed by parent and teacher groups. If she wins the primary, the right wing education agenda could be in serious trouble.

The primary is March 7.


Blogger Mike in Texas said...

I try very hard to rarely speak badly of someone but I have no problems doing so about Grusendorf. I hope their is a special place in hell for him and others like him, who put the almight dollar in front of the needs of children. He is a cancer and I hope he goes down in a humiliating defeat.

7:54 PM  

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