Friday, March 03, 2006

Big Brother is everywhere

Be careful what you say, teachesr. Or as Joe Thomas would say, shut up and teach!

Teacher on leave for anti-Bush remarks

Friday, March 3, 2006;
Posted: 9:56 a.m. EST (14:56 GMT)

AURORA, Colorado (AP) -- About 150 high school students walked out of class
to protest a decision to put a teacher on leave while they investigate remarks
he made about President Bush in class, including that some people compare Bush
to Adolf Hitler.

The protest came Thursday as administrators began investigating whether
Overland High School teacher Jay Bennish violated a policy requiring balancing
viewpoints in the classroom, Cherry Creek School District spokeswoman Tustin
Amole said.

I love this especially in the context of the previous post on evolution. It would seem conservatives want students exposed to a wide range of "opinions" on science but when it comes to politics... oh no. Definitely not. The hypocrisy is stunning.


Blogger Coach Brown said...

Listen to the rant. It is not teaching, its politisizing.

12:08 AM  
Blogger Malcolm Kirkpatrick said...

Some years ago the sociologist David Reisman recommended that the pre-college education curriculum not contain History or other social studies. The temptation for indoctrination is too great. I dunno. Perhaps the solution is to require some minimal level of literacy and numeracy from subsidized schools and to give to parents the choice of indoctrinatiobn beyond that.

"Geography" (Mr. Bennish's course) is one of the most vacuous subjects, and a lot of nonsense has rushed in to fill the vacuum.

7:54 AM  
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