Saturday, December 17, 2005

Heaven help

Sorry for the long hiatus. End-of-the-semester-madness is over, though.

Looks like a creationism battle is inevitable in Texas, too. A local Houston news station had this story on how many teachers are already teaching it. And worse, a battle to put "intelligent design" into the state's science standards is probably on the horizon:

Officially the state's science curriculum for public schools does not recognize intelligent design, only the theory of evolution, which leaves science teachers like Debbie Cobb in a tough spot.

"Our kids can come in believing in intelligent design and I can't even mention it," Cobb said.

So how does she handle it?

"I'm very careful how I put things," she said. "I don't say, 'alright guys, God created the universe.' I don't say that because I'm teaching science. I personally believe that. What's that got to do with what I'm teaching?"

Several other teachers and education consultants who spoke with 11 News said intelligent design is already being taught by any number of Texas public school teachers, despite the official state curriculum. And some believe that curriculum itself could soon be challenged.

"I think you'll see a lot of these candidates talking about the issue," said Kathy Miller.

Kathy Miller with the liberal watchdog group Texas Freedom Network said Christian conservatives are using intelligent design to get religion into public schools.

God help us, (No pun intended.)
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