Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Veteran and Congressional candidate hates NCLB

Everyone's talking about Democratic victories today, including one in red state Virginia. So could it be possible that Texas could become a little more purple, too?

If we get more candidates like David Harris, we'll have a great chance. Major Harris is back from a 14 month tour in Iraq and is challenging Smokey Joe Barton in Texas's 6th Congressional District in 2006. He's got a steep hill to climb because Barton is well connected. Of course, some of Barton's connections (like those to DeLay) will be a distinct disadvantage for him.

But back to Harris: In an interview with a blogger who is tracking the congressional race, Harris said No Child Left Behind is nearly criminal. Here's pare of the exchange:

DS: What is your position on No Child Left Behind?
MDH: I think NCLB borders on criminal.

DS: Are you aware of the "Sneak-n-Peek" provision in NCLB, and how do you feel about it? (Info on the SNP can be found at
MDH: Not only do I know about it, I have been participating on panel discussions in the community to talk about recruiting abuses. Children have the right to make up their minds on their own and recruiters that target them and their families do the military a serious injustice. I have a hard time figuring out why more parents aren't speaking out about this issue.

DS: How do you feel about rising tuition rates at public universities? Do you have any ideas about how to keep college affordable?
MDH: Its so sad because its becoming cost prohibitive to go to college. We should have a system that allows every student to get a college education, regardless of income level. This is where the lotto money should go, and allow everyone the ability to go and pay on a sliding scale at public universities.

DS: Do you support repealing Bush-era provisions which prevent students with misdemeanor drug convictions from receiving federal student aid in the form of loans or Pell Grants?
MDH: I do support that because everyone deserves a chance to better themselves, and rise out of the system and poverty that cripples too many that have gone before.

In those answers, Harris hits all the right chords. I'm looking forward to hearing more from him. For more information on Harris his candidacy, check out his website.


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