Sunday, November 06, 2005

Thoughts on the end of the Scopes-Monkey Trial, Part II

The 21st century Scopes-Monkey trial ended last week. The decision should be an interesting one to read but it will most likely be appealed no matter what the outcome.

Incidentally, last week I saw John McCain on the Charlie Rose Show. Rose asked him about 'intelligent design' and McCain asserted that it should be taught in schools. What's wrong with allowing dueling theories to be discussed and argued about in schools? Let kids hear it all and decide for themselves, he said.

I was beside myself that Rose didn't follow up on that point. Yes, of course, let them hear it all, but not in science class. Science class -- and I know I'm going out on a limb here, forgive me -- should be a place for science. Remember those elementary school lessons where you learn the difference between fact and opinion? Apparently a lot of people don't.

Opinions are great. There are a wide diversity of them and they should be explored fully in religion and philosophy classes. But let's leave science class for actual science. And please spare me the comments about how intelligent design is science. It's not. It's creationism dressed up as science, but it's not science.


Blogger kevinsmith5 said...

I believe the law in PA said it should be taught. It doesn't say you can't say its wrong when your teaching it.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Paul Ippolito said...

Scary stuff. Kansas just approved teaching ID, too. I hope this doesn't come to Texas as mandatory. I will be teaching science here in Austin next year and if they were to make me teach a religious idea in my science class, I would have to find another job. :-(

5:13 AM  

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