Thursday, November 10, 2005

Poverty on the rise

There can be no doubt that achieving success in schools is dependent on a variety of factors. There can also be no doubt that child poverty leads to failure. These studies from the National Center for Children in Poverty provide a stark look at a truly dire situation.

The first is a study on children in urban environments. 51% of them live in poverty (3% more than 5 years ago). That's nearly 9 million kids. Until poverty is adequately addressed no amount of education reform will make a significant difference.

The second study focuses on the children of immigrants, an increasingly large population in America's public schools. While immigrant children do have access to public education, they have little or no access to other federal assistance that could improve their school experience.

(Hat tip to the Moving Ideas Network.)


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Thank You for an Informative Blog! I really enjoyed it. If you (or your students) are ever interested in case studies related to poverty eradication, feel free to visit.

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