Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Maybe this will give students a reason to vote...

Hey, I've got an idea to make America even greater than it already is. You ready? Here it is: Let's make college education even more expensive so that fewer people can get high paying jobs! Hell, China and India can provide all of the high-skill jobs anyway, right?

Such is the logic it seems of the Republican leadership in Congress. The new budget includes cuts to student loans so severe that "an average student borrower with $17,500 in loans would pay an estimated $5,800 in additional interest payments." Ouch.

But man, those tax cuts for the rich sure are gonna be sweet. It'll trickle down to those indebted students, right? And think how happy China and India will be!


Anonymous Jaime Lazo said...

Enjoy Forever.-

10:02 PM  

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