Monday, November 07, 2005

Blaming and punishing teachers

Tomorrow, California will vote on several propositions, some of which could potentially do great harm to California's education system.

Proposition 74, or the Confuse the Issue by Blaming and Punishing New Teachers Initiative (as Shari at An Old Soul calls it), would increase teacher "tenure" from 2 years to 5 years. In fact, tenure is tentative in California and, despite what the right-wing teacher-haters say, they CAN be fired-- but not as arbitrarily as they would like. There has to be evidence and documentation now. In the right-wing utopia, administrators could fire teachers according to their personal whim.

Hey everyone, I've got an idea! Well, let's see, there's like this huge teacher shortage so let's blast teachers, take away what few rights to hold on to their underpaying jobs that remain left to them, and see if we can get a lot more teachers! Brilliant, huh? Welcome to right-wing bizarro world.

Prop. 76 also is on the ballot along with a slew of other non-education but equally egregious initiatives. I'll leave it to Shari to explain. More tomorrow once the results are in...

Update: Nice editorial on Prop 76 here. (via NSBA's Board Buzz.)


Blogger kevinsmith5 said...

As a teacher who works in a state where tenure takes 5 years to achieve I can assure you the world will not end. And as a teacher who has dealt with transfer students from California more than once I can assure you that SOMETHING needs to be done about teacher quality in California

4:35 PM  

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