Monday, November 07, 2005

Blair's popularity fading ... with his wife

Cherie Blair has created a bit of a stir in England by highlighting the role a free university education played in her life. From the BBC:

In this month's edition of barrister's magazine Counsel, Mrs Blair remarked: "The truth is if I hadn't had the funding from the state to go to university I would have worked in a shop."

Her husband, Prime Minister Tony Blair, did away with universal college in 1998. Her remarks have been interpreted -- misinterpreted according to Downing Street -- as critical of her husband's policies on college funding:

Responding to Mrs Blair's comments, Ed Davey, the Lib Dems education spokesman, said: "I warmly welcome Cherie Blair's recognition that a free university education was vital for her and, by implication, vital for tens of thousands like her.

"It's a terrible tragedy that her husband has decided to pull up the ladder of opportunity behind him.

"The prime minister seems to be an ever more isolated figure.

"It is no longer just his Cabinet colleagues and Labour backbenchers who are increasingly critical of this government's policies, the growing sense of disillusionment is also clearly felt by his wife."


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