Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"The Wal-Mart way"

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy released a report this week that blasted Wal-Mart for giving to dubious causes and seeking to improve its image more than actually providing help to the needy.

From the press release:

"The Waltons' and Wal-Mart's philanthropy deserves more scrutiny than praise. Giving by the family and the corporate foundation exemplifies the family's true priorities and agendas," said Jeff Krehely, deputy director of NCRP. "Not only are they deflecting public scrutiny with their shameless public relations campaigns, they are doing so while simultaneously using quasi-public dollars to advance an agenda of personal enrichment cloaked in philanthropy. We encourage the media, nonprofit advocates, and policy makers to step up oversight efforts of corporate philanthropy, as these vast concentrations of wealth have the potential to change the policy landscape, and not necessarily in the best interests of the public," said Krehely.

The Waltons have been the biggest financial backers of vouchers and the candidates that support them. In the late John Walton's words, they'd like to bring "the Wal-Mart way" to education. And wouldn't that be great? Women would get paid less than men, no teachers would have health insurance, and the kids would get a crappy, cheap education at a low price.

We can only hope...

I'll have more on the report and the Waltons in the days to come, but for now I'll end this post by drawing your attention to the post script at the bottom of the National Committee for Repsonsive Philanthropy's press release:

Contrary to the claims of Wal-Mart spokesperson Melissa O�Brien in a New York Sun article dated 10/5/2005, NCRP never received money from Target Stores or the Target Foundation. In the 1990s, NCRP received several grants from the Dayton-Hudson Foundation, whose parent company owned several retail chains. The Target Corporation emerged from the dissolution of the Dayton-Hudson Corporation. During the transition, NCRP was notified that it would not receive money from the newly formed Target Foundation, largely because of NCRP�s progressive mission and role as a philanthropic reform organization.

We are more than willing to engage the Wal-Mart Corporation in an honest debate about its philanthropy, but we will not tolerate blatant lies being spread about NCRP in an effort to discredit our research programs or publications.

Wow. The Waltons are playing hardball. The Sun article is here. (Via


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