Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rebuilding New Orleans

As the chat with Paul Hill continues at EdWeek about the rebuilding of New Orleans education system, I want to point to an NPR story that aired this morning featuring a member of the Louisiana State Board of Education. She talks about many of the issues going on in the chat. New Orleans, it appears, will make a fascinating model of how to build an urban school system basically from scratch.

They mentioned the NPR story in the EdWeek chat:

Question from Brian Menard, MEd student, UMass-Lowell:
NO needs schools up and running ASAP, yet how far can NO go in rebuilding the school system until it knows whether the number of students it needs to service will be 80%, 50%, 30%, or some other proportion of its former student population?

Ann Bradley:
As I mentioned, Alvarez & Marsal and the interim superintendent have issued a bulletin asking parents and empoloyees to get in touch so they can begin reopening schools and staffing them, etc. They are moving one step at a time based on assessments of buildings, etc. On National Public Radio this morning, I am told, a member of the Louisiana state board of education said she thought there might only be 10,000 to 15,000 students served this year by the district. In a way, you could envision that opening schools on an "as needed" basis provides an opportunity to pick the best people to run them and to pay close attention to the programs they offer, but I have no idea if that is how it will actually feel or play out in the city.


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