Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Music Lives

These days, with ever tightening budgets, music education is increasingly marginalized. Like funds for libraries, nurses, PE, and art, music education is always one of the first areas to get cut.

The Boston Globe ran a story on a partnership of Paul McCartney and Fidelity Investments to provide instruments for schools. The program is called Music Lives.

''Music education is a critical program of study that gets scant attention and fewer and fewer dollars every year," [Fidelity vice chairman and COO] Reynolds said in a statement. ''The Music Lives Foundation wants to combat this trend."

I know jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis has been very involved in promoting music education, also. It's great that people are stepping to do this, but it's sad that they have to.


Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Some schools near me have reassigned music teachers to teach remedial classes in math and reading at the middle school level.

Oh, yes, THAT should be effective. Not to mention that it's cultural suicide.

6:46 PM  

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