Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More on New Orleans' universities

The other day I posted about the plight of New Orleans' black universities. CNN today takes a broader look at all of that city's universities:

The New Orleans schools also are working on plans to band together, allowing students from the harder-hit Xavier and Dillard universities to take classes at relatively unscathed Tulane and Loyola. Xavier and Dillard would also lend faculty.

Tulane and Loyola are on higher ground and thus in better shape; Xavier officials will have to cope with the remnants of a flooded library, while three of Dillard's dorms were lost to storm-related fires.

It's great they are working together to find short-term solutions but the article is consipicuously silent about longer-term plans for Xavier and Dillard. The silence is probably due to a lack of knowledge as to what will happen to those schools.

Another interesting tidbit from the article:

To lure faculty back with their families, Tulane -- the largest private employer in greater New Orleans with 6,000 employees -- has received approval from the Orleans Parish School Board to sponsor a charter school aimed at children in the neighborhood.

There will undoubtedly be many charters started in the area because, due to their smaller size, they are more adaptable than the large school districts. Normally, I'm very cautious about charters, but, in this case, I think the school boards need to be open to them. As long as they are public, non-profit institutions I see no reason why there shouldn't be more of them.


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