Monday, October 10, 2005

Kindergarten Sobriety Test

Stephen Colbert will be leaving the Daily Show to start his own show. We can only hope that he, too, will cover education stories. Who could forget "No Child's Sweet Behind" or the piece on abstinence education or Evolution Schmevolution Week? Great stuff.

Apparently he's already considering at least one education segment. In Howard Kurtz's Washington Post media column, he writes about Colbert's office which has notecards with ideas for segments. One of them is "Kindergarten Sobriety Test." I can hardly wait.

As to why Colbert left Jon Stewart and Co:

As for losing Colbert, ... [Stewart] says: "We were lucky to have the guy as long as we had him. One year we kept him because we hid his keys."

Colbert says that although "The Daily Show" is a decent program, he jumped ship because "I really think they have shirked the responsibility that comes with the awesome power of basic cable."

And Stewart's role in the new show?

Stewart, whose show has won Emmys for three straight years, is also an executive producer of "The Colbert Report." Which means what, exactly? "I clap my hands, and people bring me fruit," he says. "It's a title, like in the House of Lords."

And how much does that pay?


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