Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Edwards, education, and ending poverty

I moved over the weekend and my cable still hasn't been hooked up, so posts have been a bit sparse over the last couple of days. I should be running at full speed pretty soon though, hopefully by tomorrow.

One quick note, I had a chance to hear John Edwards speak at UT and then attend a blogger interview session afterward. I asked him about the economic integration program in Raleigh. He said he was in favor of replicating any program that could help end poverty. I didn't get the sense that he knew too much about the program (even though two of his kids attended Raleigh public schools) so he kind of gave a non-endorsement endorsement of it.

More interesting, though, is that Edwards also promotes the idea of a universally available college education. I wrote recently about Rahm Emanuel's (Chairman of the DCCC) statements to the same effect on Meet the Press. Could this become a major issue for Democrats to seize upon? Would Republicans play Scrooge and not support universal college education? Hmmmm...

More on this later. And sorry for the sparse posts recently.


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