Monday, October 03, 2005

Do they have the life and dash that is necessary?

This Saturday the Texas Longhorns will hopefully end a five-year slump against the hated Oklahoma Sooners. For you history buffs out there, here's how the Austin Statesman reported the first matchup between the schools (before Oklahoma was a state) in 1900:


Practice game yesterday

The game of football yesterday afternoon at the Varsity athletic field was an interesting contrast, notwithstanding the rather one-sided score of 28-2 in favor of the Varsity.


While Oklahoma should be given credit for the stiffness of her center trio, the fact that the Varsity backs made but small headway at these points is partly due to the Varsity backs themselves. They had not the life and dash that is necessary to successful line plunging,...

Here's hoping that Jamal Charles, Selvyn Young, and Vince Young have the life and dash necessary for successful line plunging-- and that Adrian Peterson doesn't.


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