Monday, September 19, 2005

What do Virginia and Connecticut have in common?

About a year ago, Connecticut commissioned a study to determine how much No Child Left Behind was costing the state. After finding out that the cost was $41 million, they decided to sue. Similarly, Virginia commissioned a study of NCLB costs. The results are due in the next few days. If Virginia finds out that they are in the substantially in the red due to NCLB, the simmering revolt against overtesting in that state could explode, leading to yet another lawsuit.

Obviously, Virginia is a far more important state politically than Connecticut. It's big and very important to Republicans (two things Connecticut decidedly is not). This is one to watch.

The article that brought it to my attention is here.

Update: The gubernatorial candidates of Virginia weigh in on NCLB. Check out Independent candidate Russ Potts' answer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

when connecticut determined it cost 41+ million did it list the additional costs? the problem with them doing the study is it could be rigged to favour the state. I would like to see the source data and how it was collected. The problem with the NCLB is that it makes the states account for all children. Something I don't think they really want to do/

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