Friday, September 09, 2005

"There's still not enough..."

California's Charter School Association CEO Caprice Young did an interview in the San Francisco Examiner today. It's all the usual stuff: charters are public schools that serve a niche, charters do more with less, etc. But many business types have a perception that charters will prove that regular public schools are inefficient, wasteful places. Not so, says Young:

There's a Rand study they did years ago for the state legislators that shows that charters schools do as well or better academically than noncharter public school on about 85 percent of the funding. What gets lost in the debate here is that all schools in California are underfunded. ... Lots of people are out there saying if it weren't for these big bureaucracies there'd be plenty of money for schools. But even if it were perfect, and charter schools are about as close as you can come to perfect in some ways, since there's no bureaucracies and because the charter schools are spending money together so there are economies of scale, there's still not enough money.

We can't get around this. If we're going to have excellent schools, we'll have to pay for excellent schools, whether they be traditional public schools, charter public schools, or private schools. Schooling is expensive and you get what you pay for.


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