Saturday, September 24, 2005

Michigan heats up

The Michigan Governor's race could be very interesting next year and one of the key issues will be education.

Today, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (and '08 Presidential aspirant -- but who isn't these days?) blasted Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm because of her ties to unions. I'm so tired of this boring, tired, cliched critique of Democrats. God forbid elected officials should consort with (gasp) teachers! How dare they?!?

Meanwhile, Republican candidate Dick DeVos, who led a voter initiative to establish a statewide voucher program in 2002 that failed 70-30, has vowed not push for vouchers as Governor. From the Detroit Free Press:

DeVos told reporters that as governor, he would not pursue school vouchers. DeVos led a ballot proposal in 2002 to allow the use of public money for private schools through vouchers, but the proposal was defeated.

"I did have the courage to step up and offer an alternative because I couldn't stand and allow kids -- low-income kids in particular -- to be ill-served," he said. "The people of Michigan rejected that answer. I accept that decision. Vouchers are off the table."

But, he said, he would, as governor, pursue "other ways" to help educate children.

Other ways? Could you be a little more vague, Mr. DeVos?


Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

Could it be because Granholm is a smart up and comer in the Democratic party, and thus she has a great big Red target on her head? The only thing standing in her way is that she was, I think, born in Canada. But nonetheless, Republicans are scared.

Of course, Mitt Romney ACTS like he's from a foreign country, so who is he to talk?

It is also a sad state when "unions" have become code words for "bad guys." And people wonder why their wages are stagnating.

6:27 AM  

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