Tuesday, September 13, 2005

If vouchers can make it there...

Gubernatorial elections are a great place to see education battles take place. The one in Michigan pitting voucher-pusher Dick DeVos against Democratic incumbent Jennifer Granholm is bound to be interesting. As is the one brewing in Virginia where popular incumber Mark Warner is term-limited. But the marquee matchup will probably be in New York where former Massachusetts Governor William Weld will square off against popular AG and Democrat Elliot Spitzer. The AP gives a preview of the education debate there:

Both Spitzer and Weld so far are strong supporters of charter schools. But the privately-operated schools that run on public funds face powerful opposition in Albany from teachers unions and schools seeking to place a moratorium on creating more schools.


Weld also said there should also be a discussion of using per-pupil aid in vouchers for use in private schools, while Spitzer strongly opposes vouchers as a drain on public school finances, Spitzer spokesman Darren Dopp said last week.

Vouchers are likely to be a key issue everywhere. New York clearly will be no exception.


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