Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Huckabee's "Jesus juice"

The speculation over '08 continues as Edwards, Kerry, Clinton, Warner, Vilsack, McCain, Frist, and others assert themselves in the national media. Flying slightly under the radar is an inruiging Republican from Arkansas: Governor Mike Huckabee. The Arkansas Times has a long profile on him today.

He's intriguing because he seems to have great political instincts and a solid standing with religious conservatives. And we all know that it's not impossible for a relatively unknown Governor from Hope, Arkansas to win the Presidency (yes, Huckabee is from Hope, too). And while he is religious (he used to be a Baptist preacher) he differs from religious wackos on a few key issues. From the Arkansas Times article:

Huckabee recently has carved out more moderate positions on immigration and education. He opposed a bill introduced this year in the Arkansas legislature that would deny state benefits to undocumented immigrants, on the grounds that it violated the spirit of Christianity. “I drink a different kind of Jesus juice,” Huckabee said in reference to the bill’s right-wing sponsor. Huckabee supported another bill that would have allowed the undocumented high school graduates to qualify for in-state tuition and scholarships.

He has advocated consolidation of public schools in Arkansas, a progressive position that sparked outrage in rural communities. And just last month he announced his opposition to school vouchers. He said he was more concerned about government control of parochial schools than the loss of tax dollars to public schools.

Like i said, excellent political instincts. Vouchers are still very unpopular and Hispanics are the fastest growing group in the country. He has found a way to oppose vouchers and anti-immigration laws that would still please religious conservatives. Now that's hard to do.

And I love the comment about Jesus juice. It's hilarious. And smart. He'll be one to watch if he decides to run.
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