Monday, September 19, 2005

First the payola scandal, now this...

Looks like former Secretary Rod Paige is looking to profit from No Child Left Behind. Think he'll be able to buy his "clients" the much sought after but seldom given "flexibility" that current Secretary Spellings so often talks about? From the Rocky Mountain Telegram:

Rod Paige, the former secretary of the U.S. Department of Education and chief architect of President Bush's much-discussed No Child Left Behind Act, has organized a private consulting firm to help state school systems.

One of the firm's chief areas of expertise? That's right. Figuring out ways to meet the demands of No Child Left Behind.

Paige isn't alone in his endeavors. Three other former officials from the U.S. Department of Education are members of the same consulting firm. No doubt, they'll be worth every penny they charge. Who's better qualified to help school systems meet No Child Left Behind requirements than the administrators who designed the program in the first place?

We almost wonder if that isn't the firm's marketing slogan.


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