Monday, August 01, 2005

The Sun stood still...

The NYT ran a story on the very controversial Bible course being taught in over 50 districts in Texas. As you might imagine, the course is not merely for academic purposes:

But a growing chorus of critics says the course, taught by local teachers trained by the council, conceals a religious agenda. The critics say it ignores evolution in favor of creationism and gives credence to dubious assertions that the Constitution is based on the Scriptures, and that "documented research through NASA" backs the biblical account of the sun standing still.

I'd love to see the documented research from NASA; should be an interesting read, huh? I've got an idea-- why not just scrap science altogether? We could just ignore all scientific advancement and go back to living in a pretechnological society where the revealed Word of God is Absolute Truth.

There's nothing wrong with teaching about the Bible, but teachers and groups that take this on have to know that they will be watched very closely: The public schools are not an acceptable place to do missionary work.


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