Monday, August 29, 2005

Education experience means nothing

Last week, a Texas state Rep. retired. It wouldn't be a news item I'd usually post on here except for the fact that the Rep. was a former superintendent who was retiring largely because he was exasperated with the anti-education politics of his own party. From News 8 Austin's Harvey Kronberg:

[Rep.] Griggs [R-Ft. Worth] quickly discovered that real world experience about schools had no place in the debate. He was astonished by the low regard in which the House leadership held public education. And the icing on the cake? He refused to support vouchers.

Griggs, the only person with day to day experience of running a school district, was booted off the Public Education Committee.

Many Republicans are hell bent on an agenda to undermine, and eventually dismantle, public education, in favor of a privatized system. Many principled Republicans know that, as much as they love the free enterprise system, a deregulated, privatized education system would be a disaster.

We're going to see more R's pushed out of the process for speaking their minds and standing up for the well being of kids. Ideology trumps principle in the backwards world of Republican politics these days.

And good guys like Rep. Griggs, who are more principled than ideological, find themselves on the outs.


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