Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Taking it to the wackos

Evolution v. Creationism smackdown in North Virginia:

WASHINGTON - A grass-roots group troubled by recent Republican triumphs and the influence of the Christian right is fighting back in Northern Virginia by defending the teaching of Darwinian evolution, a battleground in the national culture war.

An e-mail last month seeking support from more than 300 local Democratic campaign volunteers and other potential supporters described efforts across the country to challenge evolutionary theory. It warned against "politically infused theological pseudo-science" and said silence risks undermining Virginia schools and weakening the state's economy.

The e-mail was the first shot from an unlikely group led mostly by Vietnam-era protesters who describe their aim as beating Republicans who oppose teaching evolution at their own organizational game. Based in Northern Virginia, the group says its immediate goal is a Fairfax County School Board endorsement of modern Darwinian theory, which faces attacks in many states by Christian groups and education activists.

I think Democrats should use this as a major campaign theme in the suburbs where most moderate Republicans are rightfully scared out of their wits by radical Christian clerics and the hordes that blindly and mindlessly follow them.

The whole article is here.


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