Friday, July 08, 2005

No Child Left Behind works! Or...

... maybe not so much:

Broward County students who transferred out of low-performing schools last year under the federal No Child Left Behind Act didn't gain a significant academic boost by changing classrooms and teachers, according to a report
released by the school district on Thursday.

The analysis of 842 transfer students shows they did no better on state tests than their peers who decided to remain at their old campuses. [Florida Sun-Sentinel.]

Of course, this is a very early test and Education Department officials are saying that it's too early to tell if this will have any effect. And that's probably true. What they're not saying is how long it will take to know? Will three years be enough? Five years? Ten? The longer it takes, the more money will be spent on transfers.

It cost $1.5 million last year -- at taxpayer's expense -- to transfer the 842 students. And yet:

The Broward County report focused on students at 66 of the district's schools that failed to show progress two years in a row on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. It compared 2005 test scores from transfer students against 46,291 students who stayed at their home campuses. The study also looked at attendance, discipline records and whether any students were held back at the end of the year.

For the two groups the researchers found no significant difference between achievement levels on standardized tests and attendance rates.

There was a difference, however, in discipline problems. The researchers found that transferred students were more likely to be sent to the principal's office or sent home as punishment.

More punishment. Same test scorse. Now if that's not progress, I don't know what is.


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