Thursday, July 14, 2005

NAEP frenzy begins

The WaPo reports on National Assessmnet of Educational Progress (NAEP) results that show the achievement gap has narrowed for 9-year olds and slightly for 13-year olds, but not at all for 17-year olds.

The Ed. Dept. was quick to claim the good news but didn't touch the bad news. The NAEP admininstrators, however, were less quick to praise or blame:

Education secretary Margaret Spellings hailed the report as evidence that No Child Left Behind is working and that the achievement gap "that persisted for decades between minorities and whites has shrunk to its smallest size in history."

Winick [of the National Assessment Governing Board], by contrast, urged caution about attributing progress to No Child Left Behind and said that the narrowing of the achievement gap can be traced back to at least 1999, before the Bush administration took office. Other analysts noted that the NAEP study was conducted in the fall and winter of 2003-2004, in the early stages of the implementation of No Child Left Behind.


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