Monday, July 18, 2005

The Dropout Crisis

I received several emails from the Indianapolis Star promoting an editorial in yesterday's paper about the black male dropout rate in their city. According to conventional wisdom, blacks attending school in suburban areas had a much better chance of graduating than their counterparts in the city. Not so, according to the Star.

Suburban schools are failing nearly as badly as city schools.


The suburban problem in graduating black males is reflective of overall national and state achievement gaps. A mere 38 percent of black males graduated from Indiana's high schools in 2002; just 42 percent of America's black males in the class of 2002 earned diplomas.

Boys of all races tend to graduate at lower rates than girls. Yet black males bear the heaviest toll for dropping out. About 37 percent of black male dropouts will likely land in prison, according to Princeton University Professor Bruce Western; it's one reason why only 603,000 black males were attending college while nearly 800,000 were serving prison time in 2000.



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