Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Gross incompetence

Posting has been very light lately (uh, nonexistent would be more like it), but I plan to change that real soon. Last day of school is Friday and the legislative session in Texas ended on Monday so I've got a lot of free time coming my way real soon.

Look for a post breaking down the unbelievable failure of the ruling party of Texas to do anything for schools as their major "school finance reform" package fell apart amidst a torrent of invective between the House and the Senate. Ahh, it's good to be a Democrat in Texas right now (now there's something you haven't heard lately).

I put "school finance reform" in quotes because that's not what it was about at all. It was primarily about tax cuts for the wealthiest property owners in the state. Sure, they'll tell you it was a tax cut for everyone, but the 15% hike in sales tax would have yielded a net tax increase for every Texan who made under $100,000 (according to the nonpartisan, state run Legislative Budget Board).

The Republicans' main priority -- no matter what they say -- wasn't kids. Or teachers. Or schools. It was tax cuts. And they couldn't even get that done. They have the Governor's Mansion, the House, the Senate, and every statewide office in existence-- and they couldn't get it done. Beautiful. It's gross incompetence. And if you're a Republican, you only have your own party to blame. If you're an independent, vote Democrat next time.

I can see the '06 campaign slogans now: Vote Democrat, there's no way we could do any worse.


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