Monday, April 04, 2005

Voucher Hell

I'll spend most of my evening tomorrow in the House Public Education Committee hearing on vouchers. To me, the whole thing comes down to this:

"I think the business model, free market system would work well, for kids and for their parents," [Rep. Frank] Corte [R-San Antonio] said.

The mystical belief in the omnibeneficence (yes, I just made up a word) is almost inspiring: it makes you think you can believe anything if you just try hard enough. For people who are so engrossed with "results," the Republicans repeatedly fail to notice that private, for-profit education companies have an abysmal record (see Edison Schools, Inc.).

I mean, why stop with education? Why not privatize the postal system? Hell, the Defense Department made some critical errors in the last few years, privatize them, too. Intelligence gathering? Sure. Why not the State Department while we're at it? Let's just privatize everything.

Can't most Republicans agree that some things -- just some things -- ought not to be privatized? And wouldn't PUBLIC schools fall under this category?

Anyway, I've studied the three proposals that will be laid out tomorrow and they are all ill-conceived, poorly drafted bills. Normally, this would be cause for relief, but unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of legislation Texas Republicans seem to enjoy most.

God help us.

Update: According to the Dallas Morning News:

A Hispanic group will stage a rally in support of school vouchers today, with [Gov.] Perry, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and House Speaker Tom Craddick expected to attend.


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