Monday, March 07, 2005

Watch the wascaly wabbit for yourself

Does this bunny look dangerous to you?

If you wanted to watch the Sugartime! episode of Buster (recently banned by the Department of Education for including a family with two moms), you can do so all week by clicking here. And while you're at the Family Pride site, write an email to Secretary Spellings and let her know that her intolerance of homosexuality is unacceptable. (They're encouraging everyone to do so on March 10 as part of a "Virtual Rally.")

I wrote a few weeks ago that even though I intensely dislike No Child Left Behind, we should have national standards. This is one clear example: every school should teach tolerance and inclusion. This is one of the proper roles of the federal government: to ensure that minorities are represented and included as members of our democratic society.

Spellings, so far, has failed to meet national standards. (Maybe she'll make adequate progress on her next test. If not, can we transfer her to another country? get her tutoring? or, even better, have a "turnaround team" come in and fix things?)


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