Saturday, March 05, 2005

Stop that bunny!

The moral fabric of our country is clearly being shredded-- by a bunny! Damn rabbits. Elmer Fudd had Bugs, and James Dobson & Co. have Buster.

A Presbyterian church in DC decided to have a great big party and show the banned episode of Buster's adventures. It was banned -- at Secretary Spellings command -- because it included a lesbian couple in Vermont.

The beginning of the article is hillarious, but the last graf I included, with the quote from the Church's pastor, is exceptional:

What Has Floppy Ears And a Subversive Tale?

By David Montgomery
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 6, 2005; Page D01

Like forbidden dissenters in some intolerant land, a couple hundred families took refuge in a church basement in Washington yesterday for a morning of dangerous television. So controversial were the images that the Bush administration wants its underwriting money back. So subversive was its plot that the local public television station refused to air it.

Drinks were served: juice boxes. And hors d'oeuvres: Goldfish crackers. Faces were painted, and balloons were twisted into ladybug hats.

Did we mention that a plurality of this revolutionary audience was younger than 10?

The sheets of 160 stick-on nametags at the door of Church of the Pilgrims Presbyterian -- those radical Presbyterians! -- ran out quickly, and an additional 100 or more had to be improvised with masking tape. The army of strollers and car seats and diaper bags kept coming to the big gothic church at the corner of P and 22nd streets NW.

They had come to see a television cartoon rabbit by the name of Buster...

Church of the Pilgrims has 150 members, is a More Light Presbyterian congregation, one of 109 churches in the mainline Presbyterian Church (USA) that dissent from the church's ban on ordaining gay officers. At a time when religion is often cited against homosexuality, the Rev. Jeff Krehbiel, the pastor, said congregations like his must embrace families of all types "not despite our Christian convictions but because of our Christian convictions."

Indeed. I seem to recall that Jesus traveled around and met with prostitutes and sinners, even said something about how the rain and sunshine fall on all equally. But not gays, huh? I love the evangelicals who discriminate against gays -- and make no mistake, Spellings is appealing to them when she bullies PBS into taking a show like Buster's off the air. To those evangelicals, I offer Matthew 23:4-6 on the subject of hypocritical preachers :

You must do what they tell you and listen to what they say; but do not be guided by what they do: since they do not practice what they preach... Everything they do is to attract attention.

Exactly. The James Dobsons of the world write treatises on bringing up children but really he's like a petulant 2 year old, starved for attention and doing anything he can to get it. Christians and non-Christians alike need to stand -- at all times -- for tolerance. Kudos to the Church of the Pilgrims in DC. Here's hoping more churches take your lead.

In closing, does anybody out there really think that if Jesus were alive today he'd be a conservative Republican?


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