Wednesday, March 09, 2005

More Republican opposition to NCLB

It really does seem more and more like the support for No Child Left Behind is eroding quickest in Republican areas. Given the well-known Democratic discontent with its underfundedness (nice word, huh?), this erosion of Republican support must be particularly alarming to the Bushies.

Here's an article from earlier this week that indicates that Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE) wants more flexibility and the Utah Senators who allowed for extra time before they joined the Utah House in rejecting NCLB, sent a letter to Bush, warning him not to mistake their olive branch for weakness. Make no mistake, they said, they want more flexibility and local control.


Blogger Joe Thomas said...

The more people know, the more people are saying "no".

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the easiest way to tell if a piece of proposed legislation is good or bad is to simply look at the name.

No Child Left Behind


5:42 AM  

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