Thursday, March 31, 2005

Here we go...

The Texas House Public Education Committee will hear testimony about three school voucher bills next week.

What may well be a filled-to-the-gills marathon hearing on school vouchers will be held Wednesday before the House Public Education Committee at the Capitol. Legislators will take testimony on three bills (HBs 12, 1263, and 3042), all proposing a system of tax-funded private school vouchers. The favorite of the provoucher crowd appears to be HB 1263, which would initiate a pilot program for low-income students in five urban counties, including Travis Co. The most far-reaching is HB 3042, which would make publicly funded vouchers available to all students. All three bills would siphon hundreds of millions of dollars from neighborhood schools across the state. For more on the bills and the hearing, see

If you live in Texas, please call your representative or senator.


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