Monday, March 14, 2005

Bad legislation

For those of us in Texas, things are bad. Very bad. The Texas House voted today to institute a highly regressive tax merely to keep education funding even with inflation. According to the Legislative Budget Board, everybody making under $100,000 will see a net increase in taxes, everybody over 100K gets a cut.

I've argued time and again that schools need more funding, but to do it on the backs of the poor and the middle class is callous.

Factor in that every single education group in existence was against the bill (and its twin "reform bill") and this is very hard to accept. For analysis, check out this editorial from the Austin Statesman.


Blogger EdWonk said...

Not only is it callous, but it's wrong. I'm amazed at how in the last 10-15 years many who see nothing wrong with increasing taxes on the working/middle class will scream "bloody murder" when a tax-increase is proposed for the wealthy.

The worst of tax increases are sales taxes, in that they hit the poor particularly hard.

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