Friday, February 25, 2005

Tough week

It's been a bad week for fans of NCLB.

First, the news that Utah is pretty close to unanimously rejecting it and the federal funds that come with it.
Then, the release of a damning report from the National Conference of State Legislatures. And now, Virginia and Minnesota are leaning ever closer to outright rebellion. I like Virginia's approach: let's see how much NCLB's testing regime is costing us. Is it more or less than the federal money coming into the state?

Surely NCLB proponents, with their fetish for quantitative data, would like to see the numbers? Right? And if the data shows, as I suspect it will, that these tests cost billions more to create, administer, and score than the feds are providing, then conservatives and progressives alike can rail against the waste of scarce education dollars. Hey, folks, if data is almighty, you gotta accept it not just when it's on your side, but when it goes against you, too. The data giveth and the data taketh away. Here's hoping it takes away at least some of this awful law.


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