Thursday, February 10, 2005

Keepin' it real

Hooray for House Dems who are taking on the Bushies' pandering to the right with a program of disinformation for young people that they dress up and call "abstinence only" education. A group of them, led by Rep. Barbara Lee, are putting forward a bill called Responisble Education About Life, or REAL.

There is no reasonable person that can honestly say that using a more comprehensive approach is bad for kids or bad for public health. It's not. As I've said before, abstinence first, but not only. Abstinence IS the only fool proof way to avoid STDs and pregnancy. But if students make different choices than we think they should -- and some always will -- they need to know how to stay safe.

This is important and I hope some of the more reasonable, moderate Republicans will vote their conscience on this one and do the right thing.


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