Monday, January 31, 2005

Fakin' it

Reading over the transcripts of yesterday's mock swearing-in ceremony of Sec. Margaret Spellings (she was officially sworn in last week), I was struck by two things:

1) This quote: "I pledge to run an open, honest and accessible department, one that operates with integrity at all levels." It's a clear indication that the kickbacks to journalists will end. Hardly a newsflash, but an interesting jab at the recently departed leadership.

2) The White House got Eugene Hickok's name wrong. Hopefully the will have corrected by tomorrow morning, but here's how it reads right now (in Spellings' remarks): "And thanks to Deputy Secretary Jean Hickock for making me feel so welcome here." I guess Gene has now been officially emasculated and renamed "Jean." Nice. Adds insult to the injury of not being named Secretary.

Other than that, a pretty boring event. But what do you expect from a fake swearing-in?


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