Monday, January 10, 2005

Wonks and polls

Eduwonk writes,

Education at the Brink apparently doesn't read public opinion polls, even the profligate spending Bushies couldn't have paid that many people $240K.

No, they paid one. And he probably didn't have that much of an impact, because the best poll I've found (by Gallup and Phi Delta Kappa)-- I do read them occassionally, but unlike the full time wonks out there, I teach -- reports that people don't support it quite so much as Eduwonk might expect.

When asked...

According to the NCLB Act, determining whether a public school is or is not in need of improvement will be based on the performance of its students on a single statewide test. In your opinion, will a single test provide a fair picture of whether or not a school needs improvement?

... 67% said no. The Bushies better start giving a few more people a quarter mil to improve those numbers -- or fix NCLB. I'd choose the latter. They could start by having a more nuanced assessment system. After all, 67% of people think a single test is an unfair assessment. Or does Eduwonk not read polls?


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