Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Oh, the irony

I came across this story yesterday in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Seems that Jenna Bush wanted to teach, but can't. Why not, you ask? Apparently there's some Act of Congress or other that mandates that only "highly qualified teachers" be allowed to teach. Jenna didn't make the cut:

The White House has been mum on Jenna's job search (odd since they're usually so forthcoming), but the Post believes Jenna has started work not as a teacher, but as a teacher's aide because she doesn't have the qualifications necessary to take over a classroom under the stringent requirements of No Child Left Behind.

(Who knew when dad signed it into law in 2002, the child being left behind would be his own daughter?)

The Post reported in December that Jenna was going to teach at Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School in a low-income neighborhood.

But after rumors flew that Jenna had actually started as a teaching assistant, the Post spoke to executive director Linda Moore.

"Jenna Bush is not employed as a teacher at the school," Moore said.

Asked whether Jenna was working as an assistant teacher, Moore said: "I can't confirm that."

That's when Moore mentioned No Child Left Behind.

She told the Post there are "some very strict requirements about who can be hired and what their credentials have to be, and they do apply to charter schools."

All Laura Bush's spokesman would say is "Jenna Bush has started work."

I must say I'm impressed that the White House has not pulled strings for her (as I so cynically suggested they might a few weeks ago), but I guess they figure the media would find out and there would be a scandal and embarassment and all the rest.

I gotta say though, I'm immensely pleased with what cannot be seen as anything short of karma. After all, every critic of NCLB has mentioned the law's inflexibility. Now POTUS gets to experience it firsthand. How's it feel, Dubya?


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