Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Feeling snarky ... and a little confused

Well, folks, I'm confused.

First, Eduwonk tells me I'm reading the wrong polls (insinuating of course that people really do love NCLB).

Then, today, he links to an op-ed by NYT columnist Samuel Freedman, who writes:

Polling last fall by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a Washington research group that focuses on African-American issues, found that 23 percent of blacks rated No Child Left Behind as good or excellent, while 67 percent called it fair or poor. (The corresponding figures for all respondents, regardless of race, were 32 and 56.)

So I suppose that poll -- like the PDK/Gallup one I cited -- was a push poll, too? Please.

The point is simple. In every poll I've seen -- by conservative, liberal, or centrist organizations -- the majority of respondents don't know much about NCLB. I'm convinced that when they do -- because a neighborhood school is closed or their child is held back because of failure on one test -- they won't like it. (As evidenced by the two polls cited above, those who do know about it, beyond its name, already don't like it.) Apparently the Department of Education agrees with me or they wouldn't spend $700,000 making "public service announcements" to convince us.

Eduwonk tells me that I can't deal with the fact that so many on the left support NCLB. First of all, I doubt the claim. Secondly, so what? I seem to recall dozens of liberals that supported the War in Iraq. How's that been going lately?

And finally, thanks Eduwonk, for introducing me to my new favorite word: snarky. It's how I feel when I think about No Child Left Behind.


Blogger Matt said...

Wonderful analysis and comment...The old addage "Those who can't, teach" is furiously dismissed by your (and others) discussion of important educational topics. I must say, I find it amusing and infuriating at the same time that so many people who don't have the courage to teach have the most to say about it. Isn't it strange that those who have the greatest impact on educational policy in any form are mostly those who haven't spent time in a classroom?

10:51 AM  
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