Monday, December 06, 2004

School finance and the courts

This morning's New York Times has an interesting article about judicial decisions concerning school finance. The writer sets it up as "a hopeful but cautionary tale" for New York educators excited about a judicial panel's recommendation that the NYC schools be infused with over $5 billion in new funds. Apparently, Kentucky's Supreme Court ordered additional spending way back in 1990. Test scores are up, but not enough to declare full success.

In a similar development, a Texas judge ruled last week that Texas schools must receive more cash to fulfill their consititutional purpose for "a broad diffusion of knowledge."

And finally, the Economist ran an article last month about how "the courts are making a mess of America's schools." Since you can't access the article without a login, I'll quote from it at length with some commentary later today. If you are a subscriber to the Economist, lucky you. Click here.


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