Thursday, November 11, 2004

Paige will probably resign

Looks increasingly likely that we'll hear within the next few days that Secretary Paige will step down. Consider this today from the Houston Chronicle:

When former Houston schools Superintendent Rod Paige accepted President Bush's offer to join his Cabinet as education secretary four years ago, he told friends he didn't want to work past his 70th birthday.

Now 71, Paige has kept quiet about whether he'll join the list of Cabinet members who won't be around for Bush's second term.

Bush has asked Cabinet members to let him know whether they plan to stay by week's end, and some of them, including Attorney General John Ashcroft and Commerce Secretary Don Evans, have resigned.

Paige's friends in Houston said Wednesday they wouldn't be surprised to see Paige back in town soon, since he's accomplished his mission of implementing the controversial No Child Left Behind Act.

Of course, opponenets of NLCB can find no solace in a possible Paige resignation. As I've already reported, Margaret Spellings would probably take over, and -- no matter who takes over -- there would be an emphasis on continuity in the Department of Education. Very little will change, except, perhaps, the person in charge.


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