Tuesday, November 16, 2004

More on Spellings

In keeping with the Spellings theme (it was widely reported tonight that she is indeed Bush's pick for Education Secretary), here's a Houston Chronicle article that gives a little more of her personal story, with quotes from her husband and parents.

Also, in digging around some more, I've learned that five months after proposing to Margaret La Montagne, Robert Spellings joined Gardere, Wynne, and Sewell as the head lobbyist of the firm's Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Practice Group.

I don't know these people, so I'm not suggesting that they married for anything other than love. But there can be no denying that the salary Mr. Spellings could command as a lobbyist after marrying Margaret is more than what he could have previously. Access is everything. I have found no stories, op-eds, blogger entries, or anything else that suggests that Mr. Spellings has used his access to the White House in any way. But I'll definitely keep looking.


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More on Spellings:

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