Saturday, November 20, 2004

Margaret Spellings too pragmatic?

Former Education Secretary and moral values advocate Bill Bennett will take a brief break from the slot machines to share his insights on Clinton's legacy and (I presume) on Bush's appointment of Margaret La Montagne Spellings to his old post on Fox News Sunday.

I think it's safe to say he won't be happy. From WaPo:

Some conservatives, such as Reagan education secretary William J. Bennett, have expressed disappointment at her appointment, on the grounds that she is too pragmatic and insufficiently committed to such ideas as school choice.

"The emphasis will be on standards and accountability rather than choice-based reform," said Frederick M. Hess, an education expert at the American Enterprise Institute.

I love that he thinks she's too pragmatic, because clearly what the Republican and Democratic parties need is more idealogues. You know, especially on education, the dialogue seems too darn harmonious. What we need is more rancor-- and solutions that are entirely un-pragmatic. Bravo, Mr. Bennett.


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