Sunday, November 28, 2004

Intelligent Design and Unintelligent People

So there's yet another case of religious Christians trying to get their faith written into science books. This is becoming a pandemic. And here's the simple and direct statement of opposition by a former school board member in southeastern Pennsylvania:

Having recently resigned from the Dover Area School Board after its vote to make intelligent design part of the science curriculum, I’ve been following the news pretty closely. For what they’re worth, here are my thoughts on the matter:

I, personally, believe that the universe was intelligently designed. I believe in God; I believe he made us all.

Of course, I also believe in evolution, which some people seem to think precludes believing in God, but it doesn’t. Making a man out of a monkey is no less miraculous than making him out of dust.

But ultimately, it shouldn’t matter what my beliefs are because I can’t prove a single one of them and, therefore, they aren’t science. And I’m stunned that I have to explain this to people.

Well stated. I couldn't agree more. Your beliefs are just that: your beliefs. They may be sacred, they may be profound and deep and even true for all I know-- but that does not make them science. Period.

Teach your children about God and how you believe the world was created. Bring them to Sunday school and read the Bible every night. But please, leave the public schools out of it.

Update: Linda Valdez of the Arizona Republic wrote about the "intelligent design" efforts today. A highlight:

The attacks on evolution have evolved in an effort to survive the 1987 Supreme Court decision that ejected "creationism science" from Louisiana classrooms.

Now the movement is called "intelligent design," which means this great, big old world of ours is just so dang complex that it couldn't have happened by accident.

I'm with 'em that far.

I believe in a creator of the universe. But that's faith, not science. It doesn't need empirical evidence to prop it up, and it isn't what I expect science classes to teach my child. Her father and I teach her what we believe. Navajo parents teach their children what they believe. That parental right also exists for fundamentalist Christians, Buddhists, Wiccans, Jews, Sikhs, atheists, etc.

It is none of government's business.

Exactly. Intelligent design does not belong in public schools.


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